Neighbors bang on doors, help rescue people from apartment fire in Crosby

CROSBY, Texas – Firefighters battled an apartment fire Tuesday in Crosby.

The flames broke out around 4:25 a.m. at the Crosby Plaza Apartment complex in the 6600 block of FM 2100.

Neighbors banged on doors to help rescue people from the building.

"All I heard was sirens someone came banging on the door, I came outside I could see flames," says resident Meagan Lee.

Firefighters found the building fully engulfed in flames. Flames jumped from floor to floor and then spread to the attic, fire officials said.  

As they were fighting the fire, power lines exploded, officials said. They had to cut the power to the building in order to put out the fire.


"When I woke all I heard was 'pop, pop, pop.' I just start shaking. I thought it was gun shots," resident Sandra Scott said. "Usually we don't have no problems around here, but when I opened the door to bring the dog out I saw what it was, (a)great big fire." .

Officials said the ceiling collapsed and about 90 percent of the building was destroyed.

"Me and my son..everybody's good. I have an aunt that stays over there (and) got part of the smoke, but she's fine so I'm happy. We're good so far," Meagan Lee said.

No injuries were reported.

Fire officials said the fire may have started in a laundry mat and spread to the office and building next door. 

The roof caved in once the flames began raging. 

The popping sound started as soon as firefighters began their attack. 

"We had live power lines coming through the ceiling and several gas lines explode inside the structure which caused us to have to pull out and get more man power," says Crosby Fire Captain, Sam Barker.

Firefighters cut the electricity and were able to get the flames under control. 

Officials said four people are of their homes, the Red Cross is helping them. The Harris County Fire Marshall is now investigating. 

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