'Hero' bus driver rescues boy in middle of freezing night

HOUSTON – A Milwaukee bus driver is being called a hero for her kindness after she found a 5-year-old boy walking outside on a cold night in light clothes and without shoes.

The Milwaukee County Transit System posted video of Denise Wilson as she pulled over and helped the boy board her bus. She covered him with her coat and gave him a snack. She is heard on the video asking if he was OK, and whether he was still cold.

Wilson stayed with the boy until police arrived.

Many on the Facebook post called Wilson an angel and a hero. Cheryl Condiff wrote: "Milwaukee has some awesome bus drivers."

Melinda Thunderburk wrote: "Stuff like this is what makes me so happy to wake up. Thank you, Denise, for helping that little boy. You are a hero."

“I’m happy I made that stop,” Wilson said in a report published on the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s website. “I always say God puts us in places, you know, where he needs us at times.”

The boy was returned to his parents, according to reports. Authorities determined that he “left the house by mistake.”

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