Homeowner releases surveillance video of package thief in Rice Military area

HOUSTON – A homeowner released a home surveillance video of a thief who stole a package off his front porch Thursday morning in the Rice Military area, police said.

Don Aucoin said the theft happened about 4:30 a.m. when the man parked his white or silver car in front of his home on Dickson Street.

"It makes me feel a bit violated when someone actually took the time to come and check out my house and sit there until it was a good time for them to steal the package," Aucoin said.

He said he thought a package had not arrived, but when he realized the tracking number showed it had been delivered, he checked his surveillance cameras. 

That’s when he said he spotted someone in a light blue or gray shirt and black or dark blue shorts on his front porch. 

Aucoin posted the video to social medial to warn his neighbors.

"I think it's a deterrent because this is the type of criminal that's most likely going to move on unfortunately, to somebody else's neighborhood when they see the police are around looking for that particular kind of activity," Aucoin said.