Restaurant Report Card: Health inspectors visit the rodeo

With more than 100 pop-up restaureants, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, it’s as much about food as anything else.

With all that food, Houston Health Department restaurant inspectors are out in force to keep you safe.

Every day inspectors such as Nicole Jordan and Isha Patel will be checking these eateries looking for violations.

“It’s vital that we protect the people, the families that are coming here to have a good time and enjoy some good food," Jordan said.

At one stop this week, at Texas Giant Size It Pizza, Jordan notes that this establishment does not have a 3 bucket cleaning set-up to clean cooking utensils.

“You need an area to wash your dishes. If you drop a utensil on the floor, you need an area right here where you can wash and rinse and sanitize those items, and you need to change those cleaning solutions every hour”, she says.

Some of the health inspectors' key areas of concern are safe, clean ice, no bare hand contact with ready to eat food, and no insects.

But as far as major violations go, regarding dangerous foods, inspectors say they haven’t seen much.

“I have not found any major violations.  All the food has been on temperature… haven’t seen any roaches or insects or rodents at all," Jordan says.

In fact, inspectors say it is far easier to inspect these temporary eateries because they are so much smaller than a full-blown restaurant.

Also they say, most of the equipment used at these pop-up restaurants is relatively new and problem free.

And that's all good news for those of you ready to chow down rodeo style.