Photographer captures group of gators crossing road at Big Cypress National Preserve

Photo shows gator lunging at snake

(Bobby Wummer Photography)

OCHOPEE, Fla. – South Florida photographer Bobby Wummer captured photos and video of alligators this week at Big Cypress National Preserve.

"This was what I like to call 'Gators on Parade,'" Wummer posted on his Facebook page Monday, along with a video showing a group of large alligators crossing a dirt road.

According to Wummer, the gators started to crawl out of a pond just after sunrise Monday and crossed the dirt road to enter a deeper canal.

Still photos taken by Wummer show two large alligators approaching a snake on the shore, one of whom lunges at the snake with its mouth open.

Wummer told Local10.com that the gator missed the cottonmouth water moccasin and it escaped into the wild.

Although the images and video appear to have been taken at close range, Wummer posted on Facebook that he shoots his pictures with a big wildlife lens, so he is certain not to disturb the reptiles.

"I love gators and all kinds of animals," Wummer wrote. "I respect them and their privacy, that is why I shoot (with) a big wildlife lens so that I do not disturb them and or get injured by one of them. Always err on the side of caution. It's not always about getting the shot!"

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"Gator Crossing"

Please stop and wait for the gator crossing! I have to say first that I am a photographer at heart, and rarely do videos. So it's probably not the best video that you've seen but my photographs I promise you are the "bomb!" I took these along with some amazing still shots early this morning down around the Big Cypress Swamp. These Florida Gators seemed to be endless, it was the never-ending train of gators of all sizes. They ranged from 2 feet up to 12 feet. As we get closer to their mating season they seem to congregate in groups more. I give them plenty of room to cross, I never disturb nature. I allow them to do their thing and never try and approach them. I was shooting this video at 840mm as well as my still shots. If you sit back and just watch nature, and you see the signs where gators have been crossing the road, you can basically set up on it and get video or amazing photographs like I have. If you wish to see more please "LIKE" and follow me on Facebook @ my Bobby Wummer Photography page. I have a lot of different photographs of nature, animals, lightning, landscapes, seascapes, sunrises and sunsets just to name a few. Feel free to share, like, comment, and tag your friends. I will also be posting some amazing gator photo's on my page later today. Stop by later and check them out. Thanks for liking my photography. Bobby Wummer Photography

Posted by Bobby Wummer Photography on Monday, March 13, 2017

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