Officials hold hearing on 'Sanctuary Cities Bill'


HOUSTON – The Texas House Committee of State Affairs held a hearing Wednesday on SB 4, the "Sanctuary Cities Bill."

The Texas Senate passed the bill known as SB 4 on Feb. 8 and has now made it to the House Committee where it will be voted on in the future. 

The bill aims to punish cities, law enforcement agencies and colleges that don’t cooperate with immigration officials.

Houston police Chief Art Acevedo released the following statement in regards to the bill:

"I urge you to rely on your many years of public service and intellect to inform you as you consider the short-sighted policy before you. As most of you know, violent crime is on the rise in many American and Texas cities. With crime on the rise and resources limited, law enforcement executives must retain the full authority to control and direct their personnel in a manner which is laser focused on combating violent and property crime. More than ever we must be driven by data and intelligence and not by emotion and politics. Police Chiefs and Sheriffs are best positioned to analyze, understand and address unique and ever evolving local public safety challenges. Moreover, we must retain the ability to address our localized issues in a manner consistent with the values and priorities of the people and neighborhoods we serve.

Over the years, this body has demanded Washington allow the State of Texas to set her own priorities and retain sovereign control to the greatest extent possible. I now urge you to extend the same courtesy to the cities you represent and the police executives with the sworn duty to protect and serve throughout Texas. Police Executives and the men and women we lead are in the front-lines each and every day and in constant communication with the people we serve and protect. As such, we are best positioned to respond to the daily public safety challenges our communities face. As I close, please know the Houston Police Department works closely with our Federal partners and remains committed to bring justice to the victims of crime and criminals to justice, regardless of immigration status."