7th illegal game room shut down since Fort Bend County tightened regulations


RICHMOND, Texas – Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office detectives shut down another illegal game room on March 14, according to a release from the department.

Deputies executed a search warrant and one arrest warrant at the Lucky 777 game room in the 600 block of Crabb River Road in Richmond, deputies said.

More than 40 machines were found along with $7,200 in cash at Lucky 777.

It is the seventh illegal game room deputies have shut down since Fort Bend County game room regulations went into effect. It is the ninth game room closure by the Sheriff’s Office since 2015. Two of the nine closures were of game rooms operating without a permit, while the remaining seven were closures of game rooms operating with a permit.

“I am very proud of the work that has gone in closing these illegal game rooms,” said Sheriff Troy E. Nehls. “This particular game room was only about 50 yards away from a day care, which is unacceptable.”

Including the recent closure of the Lucky 777 game room, the Sheriff’s Office has seized approximately 620 gaming machines and $165,000 in currency.

Proceeds from the gaming machines and currency awarded to the Sheriff’s Office will be used for law enforcement purposes.

Theresa Ann Skinner, 41, was arrested and charged with gambling promotion, a class A misdemeanor.