Grieving widow unable to say proper goodbye to husband of 26 years

PASADENA, Texas – She's a grieving widow who hasn't yet said goodbye to her husband of 26 years.

"He's touched and influenced a lot of people. I didn't really realize he had that big of an effect on some people," Triqnic Bloodsaw-Riddle said about her late husband.

Fifty-six-year-old Anthony Riddle was admitted to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center back in February for an infection in his foot.

"Had him there for a week. They gave him some IV antibiotics," Bloodsaw-Riddle said.

He was treated and transferred to Pasadena Care Center for physical therapy. He was there for only four days.

"Tuesday, I get a call at about 10:39 in the morning telling me that he's unresponsive," Bloodsaw-Riddle said.

Bloodsaw-Riddle says she rushed over and saw the medical team doing CPR. Paramedics brought him across the street to Bayshore Medical Center, but her husband was pronounced dead minutes later.

That was two weeks ago.

And still, today, Riddle's body lays inside the hospital. Bloodsaw-Riddle doesn't know why.

"Whatever information you're giving me, that's fine, but you're giving me no information," Bloodsaw-Riddle said.

She says she can't get her hands on the death certificate, and says if she did, no one would agree to sign it.

"They all say I have to go talk to this person, or go talk to that person," Bloodsaw-Riddle said.

Channel 2 reached out to the medical centers involved.

VA officials now say if the death certificate comes their way, they will sign it.

But at this point, it's unclear, when Bloodsaw-Riddle will actually get a chance to say a proper goodbye to her husband.

Annaliese Impink, a spokesperson for the Pasadena Care Center, sent a statement, saying:

"I understand that you had some questions regarding a patient at Pasadena Care Center.

"While I cannot give you any specific information regarding the individual at issue due to Federal and State Privacy laws, I can tell you that we have looked into the circumstances surrounding the patient at issue and our investigation did not reveal anything other than an acute event that caused the patient's death.

"We continue to work diligently to provide quality care every day at Pasadena Care Center.

"We appreciate the hard work and commitment of our staff and the loyalty of the Pasadena community."

Bayshore Medical Center also sent a statement, saying:

"Bayshore Medical Center is required by federal and state laws to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of it’s patients. Therefore, we are unable to discuss or comment on patients and their care."