Woman finishes epic Disney castle sewing project in Facebook video

Extensive project took nearly four years to complete

CAIRO, Egypt – An American living in Egypt shared the final step of an incredible crafting journey on Facebook Monday.

PHOTOS: Epic Disney castle cross stitch project completed

Stephanie Kattera, 32, finished the expansive Disney Kinkade Castle Cross Stitch Kit. In her Facebook post, she noted she made 68,929 stitches to finish the 21.5-inch by 16.25-inch project.

Kattera completed the project in a Facebook video.

“In October 2013, I bought the Disney Kinkade Castle Cross Stitch Kit,” she said. “I’m about to take the last stitch to finish it. I’m going to document this amazing accomplishment that’s taken three and a half years to do. That’s it, TA-DA! That is the last stitch.”

This is the most extensive project the experienced crafter has finished.

Kattera told KPRC her love of cross-stitching began in seventh grade in a school cross-stitch club. She said she continues to find the projects relaxing. 

“I did small pieces, pillows, and moved to this. It’s the biggest I ever attempted,” she told KPRC.

In addition to her crafting accomplishment, Kattera is graduating next month from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon, with a doctorate in education.

Kattera was a music teacher for seven years in the United States, Egypt and China. She now works as a technology integrationist at American International School in Egypt.

Some of the world's largest cross stitch efforts include a copy of the Sistine Chapel, scenes from the "Chronicle of Narnia" children's stories, and the Allied invasion of Normandy in 1944. All are massive projects with numerous panels and hundreds of feet in length.

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