Restaurant Report Card: Inspectors find sewage back-up in restaurant

HOUSTON – At the Time For Thai Restaurant at 930 Main St., health inspectors discovered multiple roaches in the dishwashing area, the mop and broom area and worst of all, in the food-preparation area.

Overall, inspectors wrote, they found a “large accumulation of roaches in the food establishment."

On the subject of roaches, The Udipi Café and Chaat House on Hillcroft wound up in hot water this week after inspectors found cockroaches on the cold-hold cooler and worse yet, on the stove.

And bacteria-loaded, sewage? You don’t want to find that anywhere, but least of all inside the kitchen.

Still, that’s what inspectors found flowing out of a floor drain in the kitchen at Pupusa Baleada Restaurante on Bissonnet.

The managers telling us they have fixed the issue and the drain is no longer backing up or causing any sewage problem any longer.

Moving on to Pasta Lamonte’s at 14510 Grisby, where inspectors with the Houston Health Department found black mildew inside the ice machine.

And we wrap up this week’s report with Huaraches La Villa at the Sharpstown Mall.

Here, inspectors found live cockroaches "everywhere in the food preparation area."

File: Inspection report