Teen charged in shooting death in Studio Movie Grill parking lot

Faith Deleon
Faith Deleon (HCSO)

CYPRESS, Texas – A teen girl has been charged in a fatal shooting that happened in the parking lot of a Cypress movie theater New Year’s Day, according to court documents.

Court documents showed that Faith Deleon, 17, was charged with capital murder in connection with the shooting death of Danny Barron, 18.

Barron and another person were shot in a car that was parked about 30 yards away from the entrance of the Studio Movie Grill at 8580 State Highway 6 North.

According to court documents, Deleon told investigators that she arranged a meeting with Barron at the request of a friend, who is 16 years old. She said that her friend said he wanted to rob a drug dealer because he needed some new clothes.

Deleon told investigators that she and her friend drove to the movie theater, where Barron and another person were waiting outside a car, according to the documents. She said Barron told her and her friend to get into the back seat of the car so they could conduct the drug deal. She said that Barron handed her a gram of marijuana, and she asked Barron where the rest of it was. She said that her friend then pulled out a gun. She said that Barron tried to get out of the vehicle, but her friend grabbed Barron by his shirt and shot him twice in the back. She said Barron ran from the vehicle, and her friend then shot the person with Barron in the face.

According to the documents, Deleon told investigators that she and her friend then ran back to their vehicle, where her friend threatened her if she told anyone about the shooting.

Investigators said Barron and the person with him were taken to the hospital, where Barron died. The person who was with him was seriously injured.

According to the court documents, Deleon’s friend is also believed to be connected with an aggravated assault case at a hotel in Jersey Village.

Deleon told investigators that she and her friend had robbed another person before, but her friend never had a gun during the previous robbery.

Deleon's friend, who is a juvenile, has also been arrested.

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