High school student attacks teacher, officials say

HOUSTON – A 15-year-old Hightower High School student is facing some serious charges after the school says he allegedly attacked his teacher.

"People were just like really disappointed in the students because it's terrible what they did," Junior Dariana Jiron said.

It happened Wednesday on campus.

"I just heard that one of the students got frustrated with him and pulled a tile off the floor and hit him over the head with it," Jiron said.

The school district did confirm that the teacher suffered a laceration to his head from an alleged assault, but wouldn't specify how.

Jiron says she saw the aftermath.

"I just saw him walking down the hallway in main street, and he just had like blood all over him," Jiron said.

But the students say this wasn't the first attack on that teacher.

"He doesn't have control over his class, they're always doing like crazy things to him," junior Amber Johnson said.

"They were pouring water on his laptop and they threw textbooks at him," Jiron said.

It's not known what led to this alleged attack.

"It's unfortunate that that one student is representing Hightower," Jiron said.

But the students are upset.

"That's someone's son, that might be someone's dad, he has a family, you don't do things like that to people," Johnson said.

Parents are also upset.

"It's a crying shame. Our students come to school to learn, and it's out of control," parent Sarita Crenshaw said.

The district did not release an update on the student's condition.

The school district says that the 15-year-old student was taken into custody and transported to the Juvenile Justice Facility. He is facing a charge of aggravated assault on a public servant.