Woman files $350 million lawsuit claiming wrongful arrest in deadly Waco biker shootout

HOUSTON – A woman has filed a $350 million lawsuit after she says she was wrongfully arrested after a deadly biker gang shooting in Waco in 2015.

Thursday, her attorneys spoke about the lawsuit outside the federal courthouse in downtown Houston.

"Before she even set foot into the door, a bunch of shots were fired," said Morgan English's attorneys.

Hundreds were rounded up, and according to investigators, they were all part of a shootout between rival biker groups at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco in May 2015.

"After the events, the authorities asked her questions and she freely told them everything. She didn't have any weapons on her," English's attorneys said.
Despite that, English's attorneys argued police arrested her.

"Unlike a lot of the people there, her arrest affidavit was not only a stretch it was a lie," English's attorneys said.

English was arrested, and her attorneys said she was jailed for 16 days and held under a $1 million bond.

English's attorneys used evidence, they say, investigators at the scene used against her -- evidence -- they argue -- was wrong ... patches tying her to a certain biker gang.

"They had absolutely no proof of any of that, and they have no proof even today even after two years they never even found any information on Morgan," her attorneys said.