Spring man remains in Dominican Republic jail on drug-smuggling charges; wife proclaims innocence

SPRING, Texas – A Spring man has been fighting for his right to a fair trial for a year now after being jailed in the Dominican Republic on drug-smuggling charges.

Stacy Davis said it was a phone call that began the nightmare for her family, in which the Dominican caller told her her husband, Larry Davis, was in jail.

He is accused of transporting drugs on a boat he leased to another individual.

Stacy said he tries to be strong in their phone calls but said she can hear it: Jail time has changed her husband.

"He's not the same person," Stacy said. "He is, but he's very broken."

The Davises claim Larry leased the boat and went to the Dominican last year for an inspection and repairs. When he arrived, Dominican authorities placed him under arrest.

"Now the Dominican Republic is trying to blame my husband," Stacy said. "Yet the man who leased the boat is gone."

Trial delays have turned days into weeks and weeks into months. But the Davises are trying to stay strong for their two children and for each other so Larry can get the fair hearing they said he deserves.

"Get to that point where we can actually have the trial so that we can get my husband home," said Stacy.

Davis' attorney is in the Dominican for a court hearing. The hearing was supposed to take place last week, but the Davis family said it was delayed because the court couldn't get translators to show up.

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