Lockhart couple killed in Mississippi bus crash

CALDWELL COUNTY, Texas – There is a sadness hanging over Lockhart, Caldwell County, Wednesday after the deatgs of a local beloved couple. 

Ken and Peggy Hoffman were on a trip with members, friends and family of the Bastrop Senior Center when their charter bus stopped on the train tracks in Biloxi, Mississippi on Tuesday.  

A train hit the bus, killing the Hoffmans; 79-year-old Clinton Harvan, of Sealy; and 62-year-old Deborah Orr, of Bastrop.

Between the two of them, for more than 85 years, Ken and Peggy Hoffman were fixtures in the schools in Lockhart. 

Ken Hoffman retired 21 years ago as an assistant superintendent and Peggy Hoffman retired as an elementary school principal 15 years ago.

"If you didn't work with one of them, then you were taught by Peggy or she was your principal,” said Lockhart ISD Superintendent Susan Bohn.  She knew the Hoffmans because she sat beside the Hoffmans at the high school football games.  Bohn said, "They had had the same football seats for maybe 30 years.  Apparently when the stadium opened.  So they were very supportive and were always there."

Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape said, "I'm confident that we'll never forget this.  We'll grow from it. 

We'll be stronger by it, and it will become something that becomes a part of our fabric and future. But at the same time, it won't be something that burdens us down or holds us down.  I think we'll be fine."