America's infrastructure receives a D rating for poor roads, bridges

HOUSTON – The country's infrastructure has received another near failing grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

"The cumulative grade of D+ reflects the significant backlog of needs facing our nation's infrastructure," said Greg DiLoreto with ASCE.

The society's once every-four-years report card is out and hasn't changed since the last one.

It gives bridges a C+ because almost 40 percent are more than 50 years old. Some 59,000 bridges are structurally deficient.

Roads get a D, because one out of every five miles is in poor condition.

"We've got a lot that need to  be fixed," said Houston resident Otis Knowles

Houstonians said the low score is no surprise.

"They need to come back on this other side of town and start doing some work, you know what I'm saying?" said Ron Ford.

Mayor Sylvester Turner said the key to improvement is investment.

"We desperately need it, we need more resources. You can't have a growing dynamic city without having the infrastructure to sustain that growth and development," Turner said.

President Donald Trump is proposing a $1 trillion investment in infrastructure.

But the engineers say it will take $4.5 trillion to bring the nation up to an acceptable B-.

You can read the report here. http://www.infrastructurereportcard.org/​