Baby goats prance, play in living room


POLK, Pa. – Dozens of baby Nigerian dwarf dairy goats prancing and playing in a Pennsylvania living room have taken over social media by storm. 

The baby miniature goats with a ton of personality belong to a herd called CapriGem. 

The owner of the goats prides herself on bottle-feeding the babies and milking their mamas throughout the year. 

She also said she enjoys making fudge from the fresh goat milk.


2017 babies playing in "their room" 😄

Posted by CapriGem on Sunday, March 5, 2017

The owner mentioned on her website that she is happy to say that her goats have tested negative for Caprine arthritis encephalitis.

CAE in the goat community is the same virus that humans refer to as HIV. CAE can affect many goats and sheep in the United States, but this herd is healthy.

Spring not only brought flowers to the small town of Polk, Pennsylvania, this year, but it also brought cute prancing baby goats. 

People interested in the CapriGem goats can visit their website: http://www.caprigemgoats.com/.