Student juggles to prove sobriety

CONWAY, Ark. – A University of Central Arkansas junior who was pulled over by police proved his sobriety by juggling.

Blayk Puckett was driving home from the library late Friday and was pulled over for a broken brake light.

"I had a brake light out and so I'm driving very carefully trying to be as careful as I can not to do anything wrong because I knew my brake light was out," said Puckett. 

UCA Police Sgt. Keith McKay spotted Puckett's vehicle and pulled him over, suspecting that he was impaired because of his slow speed. 

"A lot of times, especially around a college campus later in the night it gets the slower they go, and especially if they almost hit a curb once is a typical indication they might be impaired," McKay said.

McKay said he told Puckett why he was pulling him over and had a conversation with him to make sure he was sober. 

Part of that conversation was about what Puckett had in his pocket. 

"This is going to sound weird, but I'm a magician," Puckett said. 

McKay said he asked Puckett to show him some magic, and  Puckett offered to juggle to prove that he had not been drinking. 

"I knew I could prove I hadn't been drinking, especially with juggling clubs in the back seat," Puckett said. 

McKay's dashcam caught video and it has been viewed more than 6,500 times. 

McKay said he did not give Puckett a ticket and knew he was sober before he juggled. 

"I try to make as much fun as I can, but this was absolutely the most fun I've had any time I'm treated to that," McKay said.

This story was originally reported by KARK-TV.