Shots fired during road rage incident in Spring

SPRING, Texas – A Spring man is hoping deputies find the man who shot at him while he was driving home from work on Wednesday night around 11:30.

It happened on I-45 northbound near the Cypresswood exit.

Carlos, who asked us not to use his last name, was only 1.5 miles from home when he said a driver in another truck cut him off.

Carlos told KPRC that he sped up and went around the other driver to avoid hitting him, but a few seconds later, he said that other driver pulled out a gun.

“I saw sparks and then I felt it in my truck, a pop,” Carlos said. “I said to myself, ‘They’re shooting at me,' and I accelerated all the way.”

There is a huge hole in the hood of Carlos’ vehicle where the bullet pierced the metal, and it’s just a few feet from the driver’s seat where the 64-year-old was sitting.

It turned into a terrifying ride home.

“Oh yeah, somebody is shooting at you and you can do nothing,” he said. “Just speed up and get out of there.”

The suspect was driving a white Chevy Colorado, extended cab pickup truck.

It was the 4x4 model with a letter “Z” decal near the tailgate.

Carols believes there may have only been one man inside. He’s hoping deputies catch him before he has the chance to do this to someone else; next time, Carlos said, the outcome could be worse.

“I hope we can find him so he can’t do it again," Carlos said.