Neighbors on edge after burglars entered homes, shot 2 officers

HOUSTON – Everything seems normal in the Glenshire Neighborhood, but residents are still on edge after burglaries entered several homes and shot two police officers.

“My wife texted me because I was at a convention and she said, I heard gun shots and he was scared and I just kind of dropped everything and came here as quickly as I could,” said Ryan Hill, who lives not too far from where the shooting happened. “Everyone (in his family) stayed upstairs because at that time they were still not sure where the second suspect was.  My youngest heard the shots his bedroom is downstairs at the lower floor he could hear all seven or six shots there was.”

Wednesday afternoon Hill was out walking his dog, Khadgar, but was disturbed to know that the suspect police shot and killed was a gang member.

“I definitely want to understand why there would be gang members in this neighborhood, It’s more family oriented,” said Hill. “It’s definitely very concerning and we don’t understand why specifically this one area was targeted is there a connection here, or is there some sort of friend or family member that would have led to this activity here.”

Houston police Chief Art Acevedo said at a press conference Wednesday afternoon that he is not releasing the suspect’s name yet, but the burglar they shot and killed was a 26-year-old black male who had a history of burglaries.