Neighbors in shock after 2 officers shot in backyard

HOUSTON – A family is in shock and a suspect is still on the run.

Chris Constatino says his mother is still shaken after a deadly shooting happened in their backyard Tuesday afternoon.

"I mean, everything just happened pretty quick. She's riled up of course. She saw pretty much everything," Constatino said.

Two veteran Houston Police Department officers, Ronny Cortez and Jose Munoz, were shot by two burglary suspects they were trying to apprehend.

"Officer Cortez is the one that went to help my mom and the shootings went down in the backyard. The guy was hiding in the back shed," said Constatino.

In an exchange of gunfire, police said one of the suspects was shot and killed, but the other got away.

Sky 2 was over the scene as both officers were rushed to nearby hospitals.

Officer Munoz is now listed in stable condition, and Officer Cortez is in critical condition.

Cortez lives just a few doors down from where everything happened.

"I really appreciate his service today. And I'm very, very sorry for everything that happened. He's our neighbor. He's a fine gentleman. I really appreciate what he did today. If it wasn't for him, it could've been a lot worse," said Constatino.

Now, a community is coming together to pray for both officers to make a full recovery as they also express their gratitude.

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