Road debris causes hundreds of dollars in damage to man's vehicle

HOUSTON – Imagine that you are driving down the road and suddenly, your windshield shatters and glass goes everywhere.

That's what happend to Rex Bomar while he was driving to work early Friday morning.

"The scariest part about it is that I didn't see it coming," Bomar said.

He was traveling southbound on the Hardy Toll Road near Richey Road when he said he took note of the construction in the area and was changing lanes, but he had little time to react when, out of nowhere, road debris started coming straight at him.

"Moved over and switched lanes to let a bike pass and next thing I know, this shadow came up on my windshield and smash," explained Bomar.

The moment his window shattered, glass sprayed the inside of his truck, hitting Bomar in the face and arms.

Aside from a few scratches, all was OK.

"Could've been worse. Could've taken my life," Bomar said.

Although Bomar was stuck with a nearly $400 repair bill, he's just thankful he wasn't hurt.

He's also warning others drivers to be mindful out on the roads.

"Keep a lookout for things laying around. You never know. If an 18-wheeler passes by and kicks it up, it can hit anywhere," said Bomar.

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