KPRC2 senior reporter Phil Archer helps Chip Brewster get ready for 'Trail 2 Houston'

HOUSTON – KPRC reporter Chip Brewster sets off on his first ever trail ride Tuesday, but before he gets to the horses he needs to get the gear. One of the places you can get outfitted is Cavender’s, and to help guide our young buck is senior reporter and native Texan Phil Archer.

Right from the get-go, Chip tried by wearing what he thought was the closest to Western gear he owned.

However, Phil said, “I would just suggest that we take this and burn it.”

Oh, so I’ve got to start from scratch?” said Chip.

“Yes, and let me tell you, cowboy couture is a real thing,” responded Phil.

The first stop was the boot section, and while Phil helped with style, store management explained proper fit.

“So many decisions.  You want to decide what kind of toe shape you want, you want to decide what kind of skin you want,” said Phil.

“You want the widest part of your foot, the ball of your foot to line up with the boot …. You should be able to move your toes a little bit, and when you take normal steps forward you should feel about half to three quarters of an inch heel slippage in the back,” said general manager Bubba Fuller.

Next up was the leg wear.

“If you’re going to look like a cowboy or horseman, you’re going to wear Wranglers.  You need to get rid of those, and before you wear them, you need to starch them 20, 30 times so they’ll stand up on their own once you take them off,” said Phil.

When it came to hats, assistant general manager Jacob Grochett stepped in to assist in sizing.

“Look straight ahead for me. There we go. So whenever you put it on, see how this is?” he flicked his hat, and it didn’t move. “That’s how you want it.”

After finding the perfect fit, it was a matter of selecting style.

“This is tough, guys,” said Chip.

“Yeah, that’s not bad, I don’t know, the brown one’s probably a little flashier-looking,” said Phil in choosing between a black and chestnut hat.

Only a couple things on the list remained, including a belt and belt buckle.

“The trophy’s that big?  That’s what the non-Texans think of Texas,” said Chip.

“It looks like an Oldsmobile hubcap, yeah,” said Phil.

Throw in a shirt, and Chip is ready to ride. Tuesday through Friday, he’ll bring you stories from the Trail 2 Houston as he takes part in the Prairie View and Salt Grass trail rides.