Student says she was sexually assaulted at Lamar High School, HPD investigating

HOUSTON – Houston police are investigating allegations of a sexual assault at Lamar High School.

The alleged incident occurred in a stairwell of the school on Tuesday, while other students were in class.

“He grabbed her arm and pulled her into the stairwell,” said the girl's mother, whom we are not identifying to protect the identity of her daughter. “She kept telling him to stop but he was groping her and putting his hands up her shirt. Eventually, he put his hands down her pants.”

The female student was able to get away and notify a friend, who encouraged her to tell administrators.

She did, and now the police are investigating.

“My daughter is scared to go back to class,” said the alleged victim’s mother. “She’s traumatized. She’s been crying every single night and has nightmares every night.”

The mother tells KPRC she is worried, because while the alleged incident is being investigated, the student who assaulted her daughter is allowed to remain on campus and continue taking classes.

She would like to see him removed for good.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Houston Independent School District said:

“An allegation of misconduct has been levied against a Lamar High School student, and an investigation is underway. HISD takes these situations seriously as student safety is the district's top priority.”