Hotel customers upset after 40 vehicles burglarized within past year

HOUSTON – It was a quick overnight stay for work, but one hotel customer said he wound up paying more than he expected for a night at this SpringHill Suites by Marriott off the North Freeway.

Tyler Booth said he woke to find his driver's side window smashed, and his registered handgun that was left inside his console gone Wednesday morning.

"Walked to the driver’s side and the window was broken in, searched the vehicle, I had tools in the back, but the only thing they took was my firearm," Booth said.

And he wasn't the only victim.

Deputies said at least two others were hit that day.

"Evidently, (the thief) was there, because there was another break-in during the day," Booth said.

In fact, Harris County officials say there has been a total of 40 car break-ins in the past year, just at that location.

Booth said his truck was in the back parking lot.

"There's no cameras, actually, on the parking lot itself," Booth said.

The surveillance cameras point everywhere but there, which he said makes it impossible to find the person who took his handgun.

"There's a major concern, the fact that my weapon, which was registered to me, could be used in a crime," Booth said.

Signs are posted around the property warning customers of the possibility of thieves, but Booth said there needs to be more accountability on the part of the business.

"I could've prevented it by securing my property, but also it could've been prevented by the hotel actually making sure that they took the right security precautions in order to prevent that in the first place," Booth said.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott released the following statement in response:

"The safety and security of our guests and employees is one of our top priorities at SpringHill Suites. We are working closely with local authorities to handle the current situation."