Thieves repeatedly target American Legion Post 512 in Dayton

HOUSTON – Would-be thieves left their mark once again at the new American Legion Memorial Post 512 in Dayton.

This is the second time they've struck in two months and these veterans want it to stop.

"It costs us money to go back and redo things that they have either stolen or torn up," said Post Commander Mike Key. "We're just spending more good money after somebody's bad actions."

The most recent break-in happened between this past Saturday and Monday. The veterans believe the thieves may be looking for easy-to-sell copper wire.

Whatever the goal -- the post hasn't been able to open because the break-ins are costing money.

"We gave our many years to the service. Some more than others," said Key. "It's now time for us to give back to our community, and we cannot do a complete job and a fair job of doing that if we don't have the proper facilities to work out of."

The leaders of this post -- who once led on the battlefield -- believe the crooks take the post as an easy target.

But they say the entire community -- and those they work to help -- are being impacted.

"You're not just taking away from Dayton or Memorial Post 512," said post member Wade Rainey. "You're taking away from the men and women that are fighting for our freedom around this world right now."

The post is asking for anyone who has information about the break-ins to contact Dayton Police.

They're also asking for hunters who have game cameras to check the devices for any suspicious activity.

They said anyone who would like to make a donation to the post can send it to this address:

Post 512 American Legion
P.O. Box 464
Dayton, TX 77535

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