Jazz and Poetry series enlightens students during Black History Month

HOUSTON – You can use it to make some music, entertain some crowds and teach some kids about Black History Month.

“The jazz beat is the dominant beat across the world,” said Bubbha Thomas.

And it's one that originated with African-American culture.

Jazz and Poetry is an annual series put on during Black History Month and created by Thomas.

“It's a history lesson about the music of jazz evolution from the 1930s up until the present day,” Thomas said.

Each year, Thomas takes his band around to different schools and libraries to try and broaden young minds.

Today's stop is at Roderick Paige Elementary School. After doing this for 44 years, Thomas knows the secret to making an impression on kids.

“How can I get you involved? I can get you to sing. I can get you to clap. I can get you to play rhythm instruments with the band,” he said.

And he can involve a can of Silly String.

Trust me, it made sense during the performance.

After showing the kids how jazz began and evolved to include the influence of other cultures, Thomas hopes they're left looking at the world a little differently.

“What we try to do is we break those barriers down and give some semblance that it's OK to be different,” Thomas said.