Man baffled after car stolen from front of home

HOUSTON – Home surveillance video reveals a detailed plan to rid Brady Moritz of one of his prized possessions, his 2006 Pontiac GTO.

In the video you can see a white SUV drive in front of his home in the Woodcrest neighborhood near Rice Military Monday morning just before 4.

Ten minutes later, his lights flash after the car alarm is triggered and the white SUV returns.

"Somebody set off my alarm and opened my door," says Moritz. "Then the car came from Dell Street and ran across the corner here, picked up the guys that were doing it and ran off."

About 20 minutes after the initial appearance, a dark pickup truck drives back and forth in front of Moritz's home several times.

Look closely and you can see an individual or two next to the car and then at 4:27 a.m. the car disappears.

"Apparently what they'd done is at that point they had opened my door," says Moritz. "Then 20 minutes later came by and backed up in front of my car, tied a strap on it, and just hauled it off."

Moritz describes the theft of his car as surreal.

He's owned it for 10 years now and says it's not valuable -- but to him it's priceless.

He's not sure if he'll get his favorite toy returned but would love to catch the thieves who stole it.

"It sounds like it'd be a really great thing to capture them," he says. "I'd like to help however I can to bring them to justice."

Moritz posted surveillance pictures on his neighborhood's community Facebook page and quickly found that two other people reported their cars being stolen in the last few days as well.

HPD is investigating the theft of Moritz's car, but would not confirm the other alleged thefts.

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