Making your own baby food: Is it worth it?

Doctor weighs in on debate, says it all comes down to preference.

From applesauce, to carrots, to other fruits and veggies, the options for baby food are endless, but should parents make their own baby food?

Dr. Donald Schaffer with Texas Woman's Hospital says it's up to you.

He said, “I would tell you that it may be more beneficial, but not to the point you must do it. In other words, table food and baby food are the same thing.”

Parenting blogs everywhere say making your own baby food is easier than you think, and less expensive.

Now, pre-packaged baby food is convenient. It's always ready to go, but it can be expensive, and of course, there are preservatives.

Quality of processed foods isn't an issue. There are plenty of organic baby foods on store shelves now. But Schaffer says a lot of parents don't trust them.

Schaffer said, “They don’t know where it’s made, where the food is coming from, and all they know is that they have a bunch of mushed up food in the packet, and they don’t really have a great idea of what it’s all about.”

Many moms have opted to make their own baby food, cooking and smashing fresh food instead.

While it is cheaper, it will take some time.

Schaffer said, “So I tell people: don’t think it makes a tremendous difference which way you go, but if you want to ensure the quality of your food, then you should probably make your own.”

If you do decide to make your own baby food, make sure the texture is right. Food that isn't mashed enough could be a choking hazard.