Good Samaritans rescue 3 from fiery crash

HOUSTON – Three people were rescued Wednesday night after good Samaritans pulled them out of a burning truck. 

Police said the driver lost control of the vehicle, causing the truck to flip over multiple times on Liberty and East Lockwood.

The vehicle landed upside down and caught fire, trapping three people inside.

One person was partially pinned underneath. Several people rushed to help the victims.

The vehicle landed upside down and caught fire, trapping two people inside.

"We were coming down Liberty Road and we saw a bad accident. There was fire shooting out of the car and people were flagging us down like 'Hey, stop! We need help," said Randell Booker.

Booker was at the right place at the right time when he spotted the fiery crash. He and several others pulled the two from the burning car.

"My heart just start pumping because I didn't know if the truck was going to blow up. It was fully on fire, like flames shooting everywhere," said Booker.

Another man was also partially pinned underneath.

"We trying to pull this guy and he's stuck under there. When I mean under there, nothing sticking out but his legs," said Booker. "We had to literally lift the truck up from the front end and pull him out."

At least two people were taken to the hospital. One of them is listed in serious condition.

Police are investigating the cause of the crash.

"I was scared more than anything. I'm not going to lie," said Booker.