Fort Bend County residents clean up after storms damaged homes, businesses

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Residents in Fort Bend County are picking up the pieces, after storms damaged homes and businesses Tuesday.

Bridlewood Estates neighborhood in Richmond was one of the hardest hit areas after a heavy storm swept through the area. 

Residents have begun to clean up the area, but they say it will take some time to get over the scary incident. 

"The noise. The storm was very scary. Very windy. A lot of action. A lot of noise. Very dark, but we survived.  We're in good shape," homeowner Connie Judice said. 

That was not the case for some of her neighbors who lost entire buildings. Residents cleaned up Thursday as utility workers tried to get the lights turned back on.  

At Connie's house, some rain leaked in from the roof and flying debris broke her front windows. The wind snapped trees behind her house and left trash and debris everywhere.

"The house is in good shape and we made it. No injuries. No one was hurt, but it was very, very scary. It happened so quick, but it's over, so now the work begins," Judice said. 

What happened in a matter of seconds Tuesday morning will keep Roy Munoz and his helper busy for days.  He owns Roy's Lawn and Tree and said he lives not far away.

"Certain areas got hit pretty bad there is just a lot of cleanup. Luckily no serious damage," Munoz said.