Father, son say they were threatened with gun during road rage incident

HOUSTON – Alan Ross Stotts and 15-year-old Ethan Ross Stotts said they had just left the doctor's office Tuesday afternoon and were driving along Highway 249 when they were trying to change lanes and didn't realize there was a car in the other lane.

Then, things quickly became heated with the other driver.

"At that point, he's screaming profanity. Hit his horn and I hit my horn and a pistol came out," Alan Ross Stotts said.

"My dad said, 'Get on the floorboard,' because we didn't know his intentions with the firearm," Ethan Ross Stotts said.

Alan Ross Stotts said he called police and they told him to pull over at a nearby Walmart where deputies would be waiting.

Surprisingly, the man he said was following him pulled over too.

"I was on the phone with dispatch and he got behind me. It felt like a dangerous situation, like he was going to finish what he started," said Alan.

Alan said the man was questioned by deputies and he plans to press charges as the investigation remains ongoing.

As for the entire ordeal, the family said in this day and age, potential road rage incidents just aren't worth it.

"It escalated very, very quickly. I don't think you realize how serious it is until you look down the barrel of that pistol," said Alan.

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