Family questions Harris County Sheriff's detention center after inmate's suspicious death

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Community activist, Quanell X, family and friends of Vincent Young, gathered on the front steps of the Harris County Sheriff's Office to protest.

Investigators with the Sheriff's Office, say Young committed suicide in the jail on Monday and that deputies found him hanging by a bed sheet.

But his family doesn't believe it and they're demanding answers.

"I know my son wouldn't take his own life, he had too much to live for,” Young’s father Vincent Laday said.
Young's wife says she was working on securing bail and that Young was going to get out of jail the very next day.

"Why would he do something like that when he knows he's coming home?” Young’s wife Kim Young said.

Quanell X saw photos, taken by the family at the funeral home and said marks on his forehead are suspicious.

Quanell X said Young did time in 2008 and filed a formal complaint with the Sheriff's Office back then, alleging misconduct and police brutality. 

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office released a statement in regard to the allegations:

“As with all in custody deaths, this incident is being thoroughly investigated for violations of policy and law. The Harris County Sheriff's Office Homicide Unit, the Office of Inspector General Bureau and the Internal Affairs Division are conducting simultaneous investigations.

In addition to the HCSO's extensive internal investigation, the Harris County District Attorney's Office will conduct a thorough review of its findings and present them to a Harris County grand jury.”