Click2Daily: Who is Houston's Deadpool?

HOUSTON – Evo Deadpool Gambino said it started his namesake’s movie was being released.

Gambino said he and his roommate were arguing about what character they should dress as for the movie. Gambino said he was more physically fit so he became Deadpool.

“Who did your roommate go as,” asked KPRC’s Robert Arnold.

“No one,” said Gambino.

“So you shamed him into being a civilian?” asked Arnold.

“Yep,” said Gambino.

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In addition to spending more than $6,000 on the red suit and all the gear, Gambino legally changed his middle name to Deadpool.

“It’s on my driver’s license, handgun license, social security,” said Gambino. “Facebook gave me some trouble, but I showed them that is my name.”

Since becoming the ‘Merc with a Mouth,’ Gambino has donated his time to several charity events, as well as attending comic book events and motorcycle rides. Gambino and his sidekick, ‘Spidey of Houston,’ even landed a sponsorship from a local Polaris Slingshot dealer. (He’s also not so secretly hoping to land a cameo in Deadpool 2)

Deadpool 4 from Robert L. Arnold on Vimeo.


The duo are available for parties or any event in need of someone with super powers. You can check them out on Facebook at The Real Houston Deadpool and Spidey For Kids. You can also follow Houston Deadpool on Twitter.

Later Munchkins!

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