Apartment residents caught in middle of early-morning crime spree

HOUSTON – A quick look around the parking garage and you can still see evidence from an early morning crime spree.

Several cars with broken windows and broken glass scattered all over the ground.

Many people who live in the apartments near Essex Street and Weslayan Street in the Highland Village area had their cars broken into late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

“I saw the glass, there was glass everywhere,” said Debra Anglada, one of the burglary victims. “Then I looked over at car next to me and his was the same.”

Anglada and her husband, Carlos Garcia de la Nocda, reported the break-ins to the police.

“I told him, there were three (car break-ins) up there and he said, ‘No, there are 12,’” Garcia de la Nocda said.

The couple told KPRC Channel 2 that nothing was stolen, the thieves rummaged through the car and left expensive sunglasses and other items alone.

“The policeman said he thought they were looking for guns,’” Anglada said.

The couple wants to get the word so other people who live in this area can be on alert and make sure nothing of value is left in their cars overnight.

They heard the same thing happened at a different property not too far away.

“This is an ongoing thing,” she said.