Former NFL player auctions handmade art pieces for charity

HOUSTON – Former Redskins defensive end David Mack said he was an artist long before he became a football player, sculpting at the age of 5.

"I was probably the only guy on the block who would go to the store and get a block of clay," Mack said.

On Saturday, the player-turned-potter displayed his latest piece made of clay "Concussion." Mack said he created it with hopes of shedding light on the health dangers of the sport.

"We weren't built like the big horn sheep, but I'm hoping that scientists and researchers take that technology forward and use it," Mack said.

It's up for auction at the annual NFL Players Association Smocks and Jocks event. The auction features pieces of art made by former players. The proceeds of the auction go to the NFL Players Association.

"It's my honor and my privilege to always want to give back," Mack said.

During the event, the association also lent a hand to a local nonprofit. This year's was the Vince Young Foundation, which is dedicated to underprivileged youth.

Young said the auction is a great inspiration.

"It's just telling the kids that instead of you going out and being stressed or mad about anything, and marking up the buildings or doing something crazy, foolish, release all your stress into some art. Try it out for the first time especially if you never tried it," Young said.

A total of 33 pieces were auctioned off at Saturday's event.