Flight attendants train at Hobby Airport to spot human trafficking

100 flight attendants volunteer for training session


HOUSTON – Training focusing on how to recognize human trafficking took place at William P. Hobby Airport in Houston.

Airline Ambassadors founder Nancy Rivard -- a former flight attendant -- and several of her colleagues flew to Houston to meet with 100 flight attendants who volunteered for the training session, NBC News reports. The flight attendants were taught how to put their skills to use in a densely packed airport.

Rivard wants to ensure flight attendants working routes in and out of the city are able to spot the signs of a victim who needs help with the upcoming Super Bowl.

NBC News reports there's no evidence the Super Bowl has a higher than average rate of human trafficking, but sex work does spike when travel increases for a big event, experts said.

Mayor Sylvester Turner also used the Super Bowl to highlight Houston's ongoing effort to combat human trafficking in the region.

"We don't want to be known as the hub in this region for (human trafficking)," Turner said during a Jan. 13 press conference.

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