Father sentenced 40 years in prison for threatening ex-wife with gun


GALVESTON, Texas – A habitual felon was sentenced to 40 years in prison Friday after threatening his ex-wife with a firearm, police said.

Houston police said Quincy Rashard Carter, 38, threatened his ex-wife with a gun during an argument and disappeared with their children on Jan. 19.

Police said Carter’s ex-wife, who was not identified, said when she arrived to pick their children up, he jumped into the back seat and ordered her to take him to a location in La Marque. Police said as they argued in the vehicle, Carter threatened her with a gun -- and she believed him, due to his past history with domestic violence.

Police said the woman got out of the vehicle and ran into a hospital to call for help. When police arrived to the vehicle, Carter and the children were gone. Police said the ex-wife returned and explained what happened.

While searching the area, police said they found Carter and the children at an apartment complex.

A resident told police that Carter had asked her to hide the gun, and she gave the weapon to police, officials said.

This was not Carter's first encounter with the law. From 1996 to 2013, he had felony convictions of deadly conduct, possession for a controlled substance, and sexual assault.

After two days of testimonies from witnesses on Wednesday, a jury found Carter to be guilty and he was sentenced to serve 40 years in prison.