Woman accused of duct-taping children, trying to drown them in bathtub

Joshlyn Guy

HOUSTON – A Houston mother is accused of duct-taping the hands and mouths of her three young children and trying to drown them in her bathtub.

Joshlyn Guy, 26, is charged with endangering a child. According to court documents, her 6-year-old son said on October 2, 2016, Guy taped their hands and mouths and told them they were "going to see God." After filling up the tub, the child told police that Guy first grabbed his 5-year-old sister and took her into the bathroom to try to drown her.

Guy's 7-year-old daughter told police that Guy put her hands on her sister's face, covering her mouth and nose, and held her underwater. The girl said her sister was kicking her legs, trying to get out of the tub.

The children's aunt stopped Guy from drowning the youngest child and took her out of the water, according to the 7-year-old.

The aunt told the other two children to go outside, and a family friend took the duct tape off them.

Court documents state Guy told a Children's Protective Services caseworker that she was smoking a cigarette with her friend outside of her residence when she went back inside feeling "evil and different." Guy said there was a "possibility" that she could have duct-taped her children and tried to drown them, but that she does not remember, according to police.