7 arrested after gas station smash-and-grab, chase

HOUSTON – Seven men were arrested after a smash and grab at a Phillips 66 gas station along Southwest Freeway at south Gessner, Houston Police Department said.

Police said a stolen Ford F250 truck crashed into the gas station convenience store and the suspects loaded an ATM into the truck. 

Two separate vehicles were patrolling the area while the truck smashed into the store, police said.

According to HPD, the suspects lead police on a chase for nearly 10 miles. 

The suspects were arrested in the 4700 block of Mt. Vernon after the truck driven by Ronnie Kearney, crashed into a wall. 

VIDEO: Surveillance video shows smash-and-grab

The two other vehicles, were stopped and two more suspects were arrested, police said. The stolen ATM was recovered. 

According to HPD, the seven arrested are Ronnie Kearney, Dennis Lutrick, James Dixon, Darion Richardson, Delvin Jackson, Willie Gross and Kenneth Fontenot.

Police said the seven captured are gang members from Northeast Houston. Gross is currently on parole for a felony narcotics related charge. Lutrick is on differed adjudication for aggravated robbery until 2025.

PHOTOS: 7 arrested in gas station smash-and-grab

According to HPD, the seven men are being charged with second degree felony of  theft of an ATM. Lutrick, Dixon, Richardson and Jackson face charges of  evading arrest on foot. Kearney will receive additional charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle  and felony evading in a motor vehicle.

HPD said Kearney was transported to an area hospital. 

Officers believe this group is responsible for numerous ATM smash and grab burglaries and robberies.