Former Texans player finds lost wallet, returns it to rightful owner

HOUSTON – The Muller family is all smiles and pretty thankful these days after meeting a former Texans football player in the most unusual way.

The story began last Thursday when Sarah Muller and her family were eating at a restaurant in Southwest Houston. While getting her child into the car, Muller said she put her wallet on top of her car and accidentally forgot it.

She said it wasn't until later she realized she had lost it.

"I thought I put it in the car, but I must have just out it right on the roof and not giving a second thought about it," Muller said.

Nearly a week later, the family found a note on their front door along with a business card.

The person who found Muller’s wallet was former Texans player Matt Turk.

"She called me that night, I was at Lowes with my wife. She's said no way. She was so excited," Turk said.

He spotted the wallet on the Fort Bend Tollway and saw it again days later.

But this time, he stopped and got it.

"I think they felt good that there was another human being out there willing to go out of their way to get something back to them," Turk said.

After making contact with the family, the wallet was eventually returned to its rightful owner.

“Just a very, very nice guy,” Muller said. "There's nothing in there that’s not replaceable, but the way things lined up was just kismet."

"To see how happy it made someone else and made a difference in their life was reward enough," Turk said.

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