Texans fans face-off with Patriots fans

HOUSTON – The odds are against the Houston Texans for when they take on the New England Patriots Saturday.

“It’s gonna be 10 to seven, Texans. I really believe that. I really believe that,” said Linda Brown.

Fans brought their battle red, deep steel blue and liberty white to Boston.

“I think 17-14 maybe. I think we’re gonna win. I think (Whitney) Mercilus is gonna get about five sacks,” said Diana Graham.

A mother and daughter duo from Houston said our team will pull an upset.

“I think we’re gonna bring home the win. We’re gonna upset some people. We’re real excited about it,” said Diane Poirot.

Other traveling Texans fans hoped for the same.

“We’ve got a great defense, and our defense can turn some turnovers into scores, and I think that’s all we need,” said Ives.

“(We) gotta win in Foxbourough at some point,” said Shelly Ives.

Patriots fans in in the popular Quincy Market predicted a shutout.

“They’re all done. They’re washed up. The party ends tomorrow. The party ends. You got a better shot of a shark attack on land,” said one man. “42-10, if you’re lucky.”

Still, Texans were not phased.

“They’re all saying we’re gonna lose, but they’re also saying, you never know. You never know,” said Brown.

“We have a weather forecast for Tom Brady. It’s gonna be (Jadeveo) Clowney with a chance of pain,” said Poirot.

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