Texans fans around town prepare for playoff matchup vs. Patriots

HOUSTON – Texans fans are already gearing up for Saturday's big game against the New England Patriots.

Many people were seen sporting game-day attire at work and school on Friday, holding out hope their team can make it through another round of playoffs.

Some people are packing their bags and flying out to Massachusetts to see the big game in person, while others are out shopping for the big watch party at home.

But KPRC2's Janelle Bludau was at the official pre-game day party over at Fuddruckers in Katy on the eve of the big game.

"We are here to get ready for tomorrow and just start cheering for the Texans," Daphne Endress said.

Dozens came out to show their support. Texans gave out prizes and the cheerleaders signed posters.

"Hopefully I can win some Texans prizes, but, hey, I am getting ready for the game tomorrow night," Cory Pollard said.

Pollard has complete confidence heading into tomorrow's game.

"Hey, represent Houston, we're going to make history. Super Bowl, Houston, we're going to be in it as we host it this year. This is it," Pollard said.

Over at William P. Hobby Airport, fans are taking to the skies to show their support. Alice and Michael Rodriguez say braving the long flight and freezing temperatures is absolutely worth it for their Texans.

"We're not used to it, but we're going to weather it out because it is the Texans but yeah, it's going to be freezing," Michael said.

"We've got our layers, we're good. Tomorrow - I shook my Magic 8 ball and it said, 'yes,' we're going to win," Alice said.

Other fans flying out to Boston say it's a game they wouldn't miss for anything.

"I'm very excited about tomorrow. It's a 16-point underdog favor, we're going to go in and take care of business," Scott Hinkelman said.

The game kicks off Saturday at 7:15 p.m. CT.