Raw sewage leak containing urine, human feces trouble apartment residents

HOUSTON – A  northwest Harris County apartment complex is wrestling with an unsavory problem they can't seem to lick.

The issue at the Champion Oaks Apartments is that raw sewage -- urine and human feces -- occasionally burbles up from underground through a vertical sewage pipe.

The result can be distressing to residents.

"As you see there is toilet paper and poop in there," said Janet Beam, a resident of the apartment complex.

Beam's bedroom is separated by a brick wall from the sewage.

"I feel bad for the family over here, they have kids that play out here," Beam said.

Beam said she and others have complained to the apartment manager about the problem, but with no resolution.

Raw sewage in the open can be a serious public-health issue.

On Friday, KPRC asked the Harris County Health Department about possible resolutions available to residents, but have not responded to our request.

Lindsay Monteith, Champion Oaks apartment manager, said Friday, "I don't see this as a huge problem."

Monteith told KPRC2 they have worked to resolve the consistent issue five times, but for further information to call her corporate office.

KPRC2 called Adara Properties, the management firm of the complex, but our calls were not returned.