Man sentenced 7 years in prison for stabbing puppy to death


GALVESTON, Texas – A judge has sentenced a man to serve seven years in prison Friday for stabbing his dog to death, Galveston police said.

The incident was reported Nov. 3, 2015.

Police said 39-year-old Damon Lee Dozier made a 911 call and confessed that he stabbed his 10 to 12-month-old pit bull named Xena. Police said Dozier admitted that he was high and paranoid the day of the stabbing. He told police he stabbed the dog with a knife because he thought his girlfriend loved the dogs more than him, police said.

Dozier also told police he was angry that the Galveston Animal Control had recently taken his other dog to be quarantined after biting a person.

Officers said they found Xena dead days later in a neighbor’s yard with an eight-inch double blade knife still lodged in her side. After a veterinarian examination, bite marks were discovered on the knife’s handle, which means the dog tried to remove the knife before she died.

According to court documents, Dozier also has a history of family violence. He’s been convicted of several felonies and has been a known gang member since 2006, court documents stated.

Dozier was sentenced seven years in prison for animal cruelty. 

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