PHOTOS: Goat Yoga grabs world's attention

More than 1,100 people are on waitlist for adorable exercise trend.

(Goat Yoga/Lainey Morse)

HOUSTON – More than 1,100 people are now on the waitlist to attend a class featuring an adorable exercise trend: Goat Yoga. 

Lainey Morse, the 45-year-old woman behind the idea, said people from as far away as Chicago have attended her classes in Albany, Oregon, and her waiting list is growing daily. Morse said she's received emails from people in England and Alaska with questions about her classes.

Baby and full-size goats wander around during Morse's yoga classes, and often interact with the patrons. The classes are $30 each, with an option for a wine tasting for $20 more. 

The draw to her classes for many people is relaxation, according to Morse. She said people who live in urban areas are looking for a place to chill out in nature. She said, "I think the world is just so stressed out now with politics and ISIS, and people are just grasping for something that is positive and happy. It’s a good distraction."

Morse said she recently was shut down due to zoning issues with her barn, but she's planning to take January off to get a handle on her scheduling and relocate to a country inn six miles away and a nearby vineyard.

Looking for something to do on Valentine's Day? You can now try Valentine’s Day couples Goat Yoga. Yes. Valentine's Day with goats and your sweetheart. 

PHOTOS: Goat yoga grabs world's attention

Morse started hosting events at her farm in 2015, and got the idea to spin off into the yoga realm when a yoga instructor said she'd like to have a class at the farm.

A little more than a year later, Morse has a trademark and is poised to take Goat Yoga global with efforts to build franchises in the works.

It's an effort Morse started as a kind of therapy for herself after she was diagnosed with a serious illness called Sjogren's syndrome and divorced in 2015. 

She said, "I would come home (and it was) very therapeutic to me. It’s very hard to be sad and depressed with baby goats jumping up and down all around you. I started having people over. It’s amazing how happy these goats make people feel."