Fight breaks out between players, fans during Katy ISD basketball game

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HOUSTON – An all-out brawl that cleared the benches and stands at a high school basketball game was caught on camera.

Stacey Nolen, who caught the brawl on video, said, "Benches were clearing. Everybody was running. It was probably 20-25 seconds of pandemonium."

It happened at the Katy vs. Tompkins game last Friday and Nolen was filming while it all happened.

"As a parent, you don't want to be around that. Not at all. I don't want to be around anything like that. It's unfortunate," explained Nolen.

Nolen says despite the game being a blowout with only seconds left to go, the fight broke out between players and students after heckling and even name-calling.

While no parents or coaches were involved in the fight, fists were certainly flying between the students and the players.

Nolen said, "I've never been to a cage fighting, but it almost felt like it seemed like cage fighting. In a sense, if you have so many people pulling in so many different ways."

District officials held an emergency meeting the day after the brawl to determine any disciplinary action, but they also said since the incident happened among Katy Independent School District basketball players, the matter has also been referred to the UIL District Executive Committee.

[WATCH: Katy basketball fight viewer video]

"I think that in this instance, for home teams especially, there's has to be a code of conduct, and I don't feel as if that was really upheld," said Nolen.

Here is Katy ISD's statement:

"On Friday, January 6th, several Katy ISD basketball players were involved in an altercation which took place seconds before the school game was set to conclude. School administrators intervened immediately and restored order. None of the students involved in the altercation, nor the bystanders, were seriously injured.

These types of incidents are taken very seriously. Within 24 hours, the school administration and District officials met in an emergency meeting to determine disciplinary action. Because the incident happened among Katy ISD basketball players the matter has also been referred to the UIL District Executive Committee.

The District is greatly disappointed in the decisions taken by our players, which have now circulated on some social media platforms. At Katy ISD, the safety of all students and staff is top priority, and we will work to ensure these types of incidents do not occur again. We ask parents to join us as we use this as an opportunity to teach our students better sportsmanship and self-discipline."

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