Popularity over brunch growing in Houston

HOUSTON – Houston is billed as the culinary capital of the South, with thousands of people traveling here yearly to sample the best of Southern food and dining. And now, there's a new food trend emerging on the Houston food scene.

Brunch is more than just a meal these days. It’s on trend -- an event people plan for all week. Houstonians are lining up all over town for the experience.

Christopher Edwards is part of the management team at the new and popular Montrose eatery, Snooze. He said the growing obsession over brunch is no surprise.

“Brunch is friends. Brunch is family. Brunch is great food. Brunch is benedicts and pancakes and mimosas and bloody Mary. Brunch is extra,” Edwards said. "I think the trend is happening now because we're such a social people. Everybody online, posting pictures, they're talking to each other. It's that social aspect that makes brunch special where you're spending time with each other."

Jake Trevino and Laurel Rushton of Houston are on the brunch circuit. They browse Instagram, Yelp and restaurant websites to pick out their entrée choices before they ever set foot inside a restaurant.

“You pick out at least a few items before you go so you know there's going to be something you like there,” Rushton said.

“And then while you're waiting you can get a sneak peek of other people's plates,” Trevino said.

The two also said weekly brunches allow them to catch up with friends, without feeling rushed by busy weekday schedules.

“It's kind of a good regrouping point to kind of see what everybody's doing the rest of the day, or what else they got on tap for the weekend or the week ahead," Trevino said. "It's a Sunday and kind of a good way to stay connected and almost just learn more about your friends."

With so many new restaurants in the Houston area in the last two years, the choices are growing, and tables are filling up fast.  

Bobby Boenig, of Max's Wine Dive, said he knows brunch.

“We actually have a T-shirt here that says, 'Brunch without bubbles is just a sad breakfast,'” Boenig said.

Max's Wine Dive is another popular spot where you’re lucky to get a brunch table without reservations. Known for its Southern fried chicken, patrons brunch there seven days a week.

“It's the daytime celebration," Boenig said. "People like to get together during the day and celebrate things and brunch is a great way to do that."

One common thread at both restaurants -- creating a memorable experience. On the day KPRC Channel 2 News visited Snooze, we met a woman named Anna who was surrounded by her family and friends who had driven in town to be with her for a very special brunch. The special milestone? Being cancer free.

“I just graduated radiation today, so we all came to celebrate!” Anna said.

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