Fans react to Texans-Raiders game

HOUSTON – It's the win they've been wanting. The Houston Texans beat the Oakland Raiders 27-14 win on their home turf Saturday, ending Oakland's season.

"I thought it was a good team effort," one Texans fan said. "Brock looked good, the defense looked great."

"The game was great," Texans fan Steve Beckholt said. "The guys they came out to play, we did our thing. That's what. House of pain, baby. House of pain, sending the Raiders home with that 'L'."

Some Raiders' fans saw that loss coming before the game was over and skipped out during the third quarter.

"Your $72 million quarterback beat our $400,000 quarterback," Raider fan Marcus Ruiz said.

Even former Raider Kenny King was at the game. He said his team did what they could with what they had.

"I think they played very well," King said. "We know what we need to do in the offseason and get prepared for that."

But Saturday's big win is especially meaningful for one Texans' fan, the man many have come to know as the “End Zone King.”

"We got past the first round of playoffs, and we beat the heck out of the Raiders. What else could you ask for," Dave Nagy, said.

Nagy was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer over Thanksgiving. He said he has no doubt he will also come out with a win in this new battle, but game days are now even more special.

"It's a release," Nagy said. "All of my people are here. I don't think about my cancer when I'm here. It's just good times."

Unsure who the Texans are facing next weekend, some fans said they will follow the team wherever they go. Others said they will show just as much support here at home