Woman claims she was robbed, beaten with crowbar at Galleria area parking garage

HOUSTON – What started for Tiffany Rouse as a little trip to the Galleria on New Year’s Eve turned into a crime.

She said she parked in the Dillard's parking garage on Post Oak,and when she finished her shopping, she said, she had company right after she got into her car and closed the doors.

"A young lady came, started physically assaulting me, hitting me, dragging me out of my car. She then hopped in the passenger side," Rouse said.

She said the woman grabbed her purse, which had been beside her in the front seat. Then she said a second woman hopped in on the driver’s side.

Rouse was outnumbered.

"By then, I was able to get up and get the person that was in the driver's seat out of my vehicle and the girl from the passenger side hopped back over and started beating me with a crowbar," she said.

She said she screamed for help as the thieves hopped into her car and took off with her purse, phone, money and daughter’s iPad.

She told KPRC 2, "I was numb to the situation. To watch them do that. And to scream, yelling for help and for no one to come. I was just very scared."

Houston police confirmed they were investigating the incident.

Rouse said her car was recovered, and it is damaged.

She offered a warning: "Never take your safety for granted. And you would think these thing happen in dark alleys. Or at nighttime. But it's possible to happen in crowded areas in the daytime."